Tai Chi Day

Last night as I was driving home from shooting a football game, I was thinking about this blog and the collection of photos I have in CD storage, and what I might post next. I thought I would post the photo that had inspired me to start this blog, and I will, but then I remembered something else. I was driving on I94 past the Wadhams exit and it reminded me of a picnic for my Tai Chi group I went to in East China, MI. I had to get to the home of the host by taking the Wadhams exit, and wind around through the country until I found her beautiful home. This was in the Fall of 2007.

I practiced Tai Chi with a group led by Kim Cary. I joined the group in 2004 when Kim was teaching through the Macomb Community College Continuing Education program. It takes about a year to learn the entire form of Tai Chi, and to “graduate” to the “Corrections” class, where by then you have learned all the moves in the form, and can practice in a group. By 2007 I was in the “Corrections” class. This was a group of people who were very friendly, and all unique. We met once a week for an hour to practice together. Kim would lead, and then choose a specific section of the form to look deeper into and work on for that day. Tai Chi is something that you can work on for a lifetime to master, and it is forever a well of self introspection, peace, and tranquility.

It has been a while since I have practiced with that group. Over the years the times and locations of the classes have moved, and it has become a bit harder to make it across town from Waterford where I work, to Mt. Clemens where they now practice, in a comfortable amount of time. I still cherish my experience with the group, and intend to rejoin them soon, maybe after the new year.

Getting back to the picnic. One of the members of the group offered her beautiful home to host a picnic where we could gather and enjoy food and each other’s company outside of the gym. It was a beautiful October Saturday. There was a small pond on the property where some catfish lived. We got to feed them, and see the albino catfish, named “Spook” come to the surface. We took walks on the grounds. We practiced Tai Chi in the woods. We shared food and wine. In the evening sat around a big bonfire as many of the group members played guitar, sang, told funny stories, and said poems. In the basement of the house the lady who lived there had hung bunches and bunches of dried flowers from the rafters that she used to make crafts. I was beautiful.

I had such a good time that day, and took many photos, but until today I though I had lost them. Last night when I was contemplating things that I wanted to post on this blog, and then drove past the Wadhams exit, I thought sadly how I had wished that I could find the photos I had taken that day. I just did! With my morning coffee I set out to go through some of my unlabeled CDs and identify what photos were on each disc, and on the second one, Voila! So I thought I’d post them to share. Mostly I am doing it as a way for me to remember and honor that wonderful day in October.

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