On the evening news tonight they played an interview with famous photographer Annie Leibovitz . They asked her the dreaded question that EVERYONE asks of a professional photographer :”What do you say when someone asks you what kind of camera to buy?”

First off, I have been asked this countless times. Really, it’s a ridiculous question, because I am NOT a camera salesperson, nor am I a camera expert, I am a photographer, and an artist. I don’t spend hours figuring out the specifics on what is the best camera or studying how a camera work, I spend hours creating great photos. So, I don’t know what the best camera is for you to buy. My best advice, and my canned response i give to this question is this: “I recommend Canon or Nikon, because lately they tend to be at the forefront of technology. You can get a way with as low as  a 4 megapixel camera if you are printing mostly 4″X6″ photos. If you know a little about how ISO and shutter speeds work, you might wan to look for a camera that will allow you to adjust those settings.” End of discussion.

So, if you see me out in the field doing my job, don’t bother me with grilling me about what the best camera specs are, chances are I am too busy to talk about it, or I just don’t really know. You DO NOT need to be a camera equipment expert to be a great photographer! (nor do you need the fanciest camera)

Getting back to the Annie Leibovitz interview, she answered that, in her opinion, the best point ans shoot cameras are…iPhones! Now isn’t that a revolution in thought?!

I happen to agree to an extent (If only I could get the new iPhone with a flash!). I used to always either carry a point and shoot camera in my purse, or in the center console compartment of my car to capture whatever I might run into or see. Doing my job, running all over the county all day, I see a lot of funny, interesting, and sometimes unbelievable things. Since I got my iPhone, almost two years ago, I have not needed that point and shoot as much, because I always have a camera on hand.

Leibovitz remarked in her interview that the phone has also replaced the wallet photo album. If someone were tos how you a photo of their kids, they now just whip out their phone. It can store hundreds of photos!

There are also lots of apps to edit photos straight on your phone. adobe even has a mini version of Photoshop for the iPhone!

So I was inspired by Leibovitz  to post some of my iPhone photos here. Ways inwhich I have found my iPhone useful are:

#1 Self-portraits. Iphones are easily held at an arm’s distance for a quick self-portrait session, while it would be much more difficult with the heavy Dslr, where I would have to set up a tripod, and use a self timer to get a shot

#2 Motion Blur. While sometimes frustrating, my iPhone 3G’s lack of flash allows me to play with motion blur, my favorite of camera tricks. I have had some interesting outcomes on my iPhone in low light situations.

#3 Photojournalism. I have used my iPhone for my job too. Out on assignment I have snapped a photo on my phone and quickly uploaded it to the Spinal Column’s  Facebook page in seconds while out in the field. Where as my Dslr photos would have to first go onto a computer before upload to the web, taking much more storage and time.

#4 Kitties and Puppies! Of course, there are the endless pet photos on my iPhone.

Here are a few of my favorites I have taken on my iPhone. I am sure there will be many more on my blog to come.

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