After a busy weekend out of town, and two very busy weeks at the newspaper, I finally have a minute to post a new blog. This blog is about inspiration.

Most of my photography is not posed or pre determined, as I shoot photojournalism, and travel photography the most, so my inspiration flows from the moment and the location I am in.

Shooting when I travel I try to convey what it felt like to be there, but I often get caught up in little details that catch my eye. For example, on my photo trip with Monte Nagler, or first stop was a the Mackinaw Bridge. In the presence of such a large landmark, I found myself infatuated with a dead tree that was on the grounds of the park. I was attracted to how the sun shined on the white and black bark, and how the bleached branches contrasted with the bright blue sky. I got sucked into the intricacies of this tree and photographed it for at least 20 minutes. This is how on location little details can catch my eye and get my mind going on a who other tangent, as I was supposed to be the for the bridge!

Looking through my iPhone photos for my last blog post I found a few photos from this summer that also explain how inspiration sometimes work for me.

This is the notebook cover image that inspired the self portrait posted below I took later that night.

About amylockardphotos

Photojournalist, videographer, and fine art photographer.

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