Clouds in my Coffee

Last weekend I stayed at the City Flats hotel in Holland, MI. This is a very modern hotel that is the “greenest” hotel in the Mid-West. Atop the hotel is a restaurant called City Vu. This is on the fifth floor and has a beautiful sky view of Holland. It also has some interesting modern details. My mom and I stopped in there for Sunday breakfast. I took this shot of my coffee cup with my iPhone. All of the natural light coming through the large windows in the restaurant made for some soft light. This photo reminds me of a black and white print that a girl I knew in college made for me that she had taken of her coffee cup in a Denny’s. I have to admit, I tried to copy off her a little bit. While I did not get the beautiful shadows that she had in her image. I still like this photo as it reminds me of my trip with my mom, and of the yummy warm coffee on an over cast Sunday morning.Her is the same image as above, cropped and manipulated in the instagram app on my phone.

And again another couple of photos from City Vu.

My breakfast, veggie frittata in its very own cast iron pan!

The very skinny and some what hard to use silverware at City Vu. Image from iPhone, then cropped and manipulated on instagram.

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