A December evening remebered and inspired

The idea to finally create this blog site came about after I discovered some old photos on a CD in my collection that I had not seen in about 4 years. I was surprised at how good the images were, and realized that probably no one had, or ever would see them but me if I didn’t find something to do with them. So, voila, here they are on my blog.

I shot these photos at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan in December of 2007. I was at Kensington on assignment for the Spinal Column Newsweekly. My assignment was to photograph the deer that live in the park for a story on the annual thinning of the herd that the park service does. I have tried this photo shoot before with various degrees of success. Those deer can be hard to find! The only come our at dawn or dusk. I knew they tended to prefer the area around the golf course, and so I parked my car in a service drive near the golf course maintenance building and waited. While I waited I snapped some photos of the beautiful sunset. I don’t remember if I ended up getting any shots of the deer that evening or not.

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Photojournalist, videographer, and fine art photographer.

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