Noel Night

Last night was Noel Night in Detroit. My cousin Jeanne invited me to go with her and check the holiday festivities. I had not ever been to Noel Night before. Jeanne is involved with the Salvation Army Church which has a big part in hosting Noel Night, and to cap off the evening the band play Christmas carols as the crowd sings along. All of the museums, and many churches, businesses, and buildings at Wayne State in midtown Detroit are open late, and for free and hold special performances of music.

We stopped into the DIA to see the Detroit Revealed photography exhibit, what I have been anticipating seeing for a while,a nd was happy to finally see. Then we walked over to my favorite museum in Detroit, the Historical Museum. Out front we caught a hand bell choir performance.  Hand bell  music and Detroit will forever be linked in my life, the Catholic Church and school, St. Matthew’s, where I attended when I was living in Detroit, had a  choir, and I had aspired to become a part of it. We moved out of the city just before i made it to the grade where you could join the hand bell choir. I still love hand bell choirs. After we listened to the music we went inside the museum down to the basement and walked around in the “Old Streets of Detroit,” where I picked up a free Christmas print at the print shop that I plan to frame.

I very much enjoyed Noel Night. The people attending all seemed to be happy and appreciative and interested in what they were seeing. It made me have hope for the city, and reminded me just a bit of what it was like when I lived there as a child. I plan to go back, because I know that there is much more to see. Here are a few photos from Noel Night.

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