Shoot the Moon

On the first night of the photo workshop trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that I took this past October with Monte Nagler I shoot this photo of the moon. Our group had stopped at a scenic outlook near the Upper Peninsula side of the Mackinaw Bridge to shoot the sunset, and we stayed to see the lights on the bridge lit. The crescent moon came out with a clear sky and I set my camera up on a tripod to try to get some good shots of the bridge and the sky. At first my photos of the moon were not very detailed, as it was difficult to get the right exposure to pick up the detail in the moon. With Monte’s help, we played with adjusting the shutter speed, and with the addition of my 70-200mm lens, we were finally able to get a good exposure. I found it funny that we were “shooting the moon” as a friend of mine uses that as the name of his video production company. I am very thankful for Monte’s guidance and help in getting this awesome shot. Having an expert with 30 some years of photography experience with you helps improve your shots a great deal! It’s just another example of how that trip was invaluable to me.

A photo of the moon before Monte's help.

Mackinaw bridge all lit up.




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