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Its Spring time now, and getting close to wedding season. As I have some friends getting hitched this year, I thought a wedding photo post would be appropriate.

Weddings are fun to shoot in that you can catch some special moments. As a photojournalist by trade, the action shots are what I enjoy capturing the most. I love catching the hands holding together, a look on a parent’s face during the ceremony, how a bride’s dress train flows down the aisle, and of course the dancing at the party after! I find the “posed” shots more difficult. It’s hard to wrangle up and entire family, or wedding party, and keep their attention and patience long enough to get the right lighting and smiles out of everyone. With my photography I like to photograph what it was like to be there, and what the personality of the couple getting married is, not just who showed up and where they stood and what they were meant to wear. Sometimes, couples are very creative, and want to take the photography to the next level by experimenting with locations and poses while dressed in their finest. Then it becomes more of an artistic and presonally expressive portrait session.

The first wedding I shot was in May of 2009. I was the “second shooter” on a wedding in Hamtramck, accompanying my friend Cheryl Willard. I remember I was very nervous and sweated the whole time, and by the end of the night I was down right exhausted. I did get some beautiful shots of the historic St. Florian Church in Hamtramck.

Since then I have assisted Cheryl on a few more weddings. I then photographed her wedding to her husband Dave in 2010, with my cousin Scott Lockard acting as my second shooter.

The wedding photography business is an interesting challenge of logistics, stamina, creativity, and proficiency in your trade. It is probably almost as nerve-racking to the photographer as it is the wedding party. But if you stay organized, have a good helper, and keep your eyes open to special moments, great shots can happen.

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A wedding in Birmingham, Michigan that I was second shooter for Cheryl Willard. September 2011.

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