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Capoeria in the Park

As part of my series of blog posts from my trip to Philadephia, here are some photos of a group of men who were practicing what I think was a mix of Capoeira and gymnastics. I think I got a few cool shots.

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A walk through Philly

I have noticed some friends on Facebook who have traveled to Philadelphia this summer, and it reminded me to go back through my photos from a trip that I took with my friends Rebecca to Philadelphia in the summer of 2010. Here are a few photos from our walk through this very cool, old city. I was impressed by the mix of out-door art and American history. Philly has so much character, and so many interesting sights. this trip will be generating a few more blog posts to come.

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My Favorites From The UP Recently

These are some of my favorite photos from my recent weekend trip up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I thought they deserved a larger display than my usual slide show. What do you think?

This is my favorite photo of the trip. It is my dog Lulu in the sunset.

A July Fourth Weekend In The UP

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I happen to love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This weekend I got to make a short trip up over the Mackinaw bridge to spend sometime on the lake in the UP. The weather was a perfect 80 something degrees, and the water was warm. Between jumping off the dock for a swim, riding the jet skis, and playing with the dogs, I managed to get out my camera and take a few photos. Here they are.

Eagle Sighting

I had the lucky chance to venture back up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this past weekend. I stayed out on Brevoort Lake just outside of St. Ignace, Michigan. I was told there was a pair of bald eagles that live on the lake and can often be seen fishing in the bay near where I was staying, but two days in to my three-day trip, I hadn’t yet seen them. About mid day on Sunday morning, my mother turned to me and asked if that was a Canadian goose she saw flying by the bay, nope, it was the bald eagle! I ran to grab my zoom lens, and caught a few shots as it landed atop a pine tree. about the minutes later it took off and flew across the lake. Its wings were so large that you could see its silhouette quite well until it was just about all the way across the lake. I only had a 70-200mm zoom with me, so when I enlarged the images they got a bit pixellated, but I am still happy I got a few shots of the eagle that day!

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