Monthly Archives: November 2012

Grand Canyon National Park

I am a big fan of Imgur and lately there has been this funny post going around of a girl at the Grand Canyon. So of course that got me looking at some of my photos from Grand Canyon National Park. I plan on posting more in the coming days. These were all taken with my Minolta panoramic APS camera in the Spring of 2009.

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Shadow portrait

I have an affinity for photographing shadows. Last month while in Grand Rapids for Art Prize, I noticed some shadows from some railings, and then I noticed the shadow I cast when photographing the shadows. This seemed like a good opportunity for a self portrait. So here it is!

Current Exhibitions

I am proud to announce that this month I have two photos in two separate art exhibitions in Michigan. My photo “Canyon Falls,” is exhibited in the Livonia Fine Arts Commission 15th Annual Exhibit at the Livonia Civic Center Library. This is in the gallery on the second floor. I had the pleasure of attending the artist reception on Friday night and was very impressed with the quality of art in this exhibit. There are a range of works including paintings, drawings, fiber, ceramics, and sculpture, digital art, and photography. I highly recommend visiting this show.

The other show that I have a pice featured in is the Milford Village Fine Arts Association “Views and Visions” exhibit at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland, Michigan. This is a black and white photo called “Fair Morning.” This show has 93 pieces of art featured in it, and is in the same location space that my personal gallery show”Present Exposure” will be in February of 2013.

Serenity from Sedona

The weather has turned cold here in Michigan as the Autumn is transitioning to Winter, and so lately I have found myself looking at albums of photos from the trip I took to Arizona in 2009 with my mother. We arrived in Arizona the day after St. Patrick’s Day, which for me always signifies the beginning of Spring. So, I am focusing on that renewing and warming spirit today with this blog post. This gallery has images from Sedona, Arizona, where we stayed for two days, and which became my favorite location on this road trip through the South West. Sedona is known for its healing nature, with its “vortex” of energy, and “new age” industries of energy readers and spas, as well as its artistic side, all things that interest me and promote peace and healing. I hope you enjoy these few photos as a representation and mediation on warmth in these cold November days.

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