Aluminum Print

Aluminum Print

The past few months have been an experiment on how to put together a gallery show with basically no budget. I was struggling financially when I first got word of my show at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts, and now I am not working, so money is very tight. As a result, I have turned to the magic of the INTERNETS to help put together a quality show on the cheap. Thus, Groupon has been my best friend. I have made several high quality canvas prints from groupon specials where I only paid a fraction of the regular price. Now I have a groupon special for a print on aluminum.

This past summer I saw a booth at the Plymouth Art show where a photographer printed on large aluminum plates. The effect was fantastic. It enhanced the beauty and impact of the shots. I was struck by this cool new technique and wanted to try it on my own. While I am not yet set up with my own printing studio, I tried ordering a print on metal online. The results were not what I had expected. The photo that I sent was one of my favorites from the UP, a sunrise in Baraga, Michigan. I had expected the metal to show through the print, but when I got it, it appeared more like a laminate, or painting on metal, and the qualities of the metal did not show through. I was disappointed, but sometimes, you get what you pay for.

So, with a new service that I found on Groupon, I am trying a new print. This one will be larger, and from the descriptions on the web site, I assume it will be closer to what I imagine in my mind. I’m prepared for another disappointment, because I know what crap-shoot dealing with companies online an bee like. I generally refrain from doing business online when I can find local businesses to shop with. however, I am giving it one last try in the hopes of doing this within my budget.
So here is the image I am sending out. It is the sunset on the shores of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Michigan. What I did remember from the photo that I saw that inspired me to try a print on aluminum was that it was of a sun rise, and the rays of the sun were a prominent feature that was enhanced by the metallic medium. Wish me luck. I have just about five weeks to go to my show!

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