Video as Art

I am working on a submission for the Kresge Arts Fellowship based on my photography. You have to submit ten pieces of art work as a representation of your talent, vision, and style as an artist. While primarily my medium is photography, I have also ventured into video, primarily through my job as a photojournalist for the Spinal Column Newsweekly. While attending an informational meeting about the art fellowship application process at CCS in Detroit, I had an idea. The presenter was saying how you can include video as part of your application. That got me to think about adding video to my work examples. See, the intent of my photography is to allow you to be present in the moment that the photo was taken. I try to capture what it feels like to be in the place where I am when I take the photograph. This intent translates through all of my photography, including sports and portrait work. In my sports photography I try to capture the movement of the plays and of the human body. When I do portrait work, I focus on environmental portraits, making the surroundings say something about the subject.

So, it seems to me that video is a natural extension on this intent. By adding audio and movement I think I can enhance my message about being present in the moment and absorbing all of the factors in the environment fully as to allow them to affect your being.

While I have used video as a tool in photojournalism, and sports coverage for a few years now, this focus on “fine art” video is a newer idea for me. I am posting a few videos here for show you what I mean. They need some editing, and some audio work, but what I was trying to capture was the visual impact of the environment at a moment in time.

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