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Testing out the new camera

Yesterday morning I took a trip to Belle Isle with my new Canon 7D. My location to shoot was the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, being that it is free to enter, and a nice location for shooting color in a time between seasons. I had been there to photograph in March once before and remembered that they had a large amount of Easter Lilies on display at that time, so that was a draw too.

Luckily, as I arrived right at opening time, the sun was shining nicely, and I got some very cool B&W images of the glass structure of the conservatory. Now, I know many photogs say to always shoot in color and then just drop it out in post production, but I like to switch it up and shoot in monochrome mode sometimes. I feel like I get better B&W exposures that way. The shades and shadows on the glass panes of the conservatory made for some beautiful B&W tones.

Once inside, I had to wait about 20 minutes before my lens adjusted to the temperature and humidity changes. Then I got to experimenting. I noticed right away that this camera didn’t have the classic portrait, landscape, macro, dial modes as my 40D used to have. So, no cheating easily for me. It was time to work on those exposure levels. The light in the conservatory seemed a bit dim, and had a funny blue-gray cast it seemed. I think next time I will need a tri pod to capture the best details on the orchids, it was very dark in the tropical room. Overall, I am happy with the images I got, and am going to keep working on learning the best use for this camera.

New Camera!

Acquiring new camera gear makes me giddy like a little child. I’ve been looking to get a new camera for the past three months, and I finally got one today! The last time I got a new camera body was I think 2008 when the newspaper I worked for upgraded to a Canon 40D. Today I upgraded myself to a Canon 7D. I feel like a real photog again. It was a long process to decide on the 7D. I have been shooting with a Nikon D7000 lately at basketball tournaments, and seriously considered switching to Nikon after being impressed with its performance in gymnasiums. What was the deciding factor was to stick with what I was familiar with, which is the Canon system. I still hope to upgrade to full frame in the next two years, but this is a beginning.
I love new camera equipment!! I feel like a five year old girl who just got a ton of new Barbies!
Look for lots of new test photos soon.

Happy Accident

On the first day of Spring 2009 I had the privilege of visiting the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This is a dream come true for any American, especially a professional photographer, however that “professional” part may be a bit strong of a word for me. You see, at the entrance to the park I DROPPED MY CAMERA! Yes, I had planned on shooting with a 35mm film SLR that I had JUST BOUGHT a few weeks before, specifically for the trip out west. I was so upset, as one could imagine a photographer would be. However, I thankfully had two extra cameras in tow, a Minolta APS film camera, and a  point and shoot digital, so I wasn’t empty handed.

The day turned out beautiful, and even with my less than ideal camera options, I think I captured quite a few beautiful images. Here are just a few that I took on my little Kodak Point and shoot, which thankfully, had a few options for manual control of iso and such. This was four years ago, and I miss the West.

It’s the beginning of Spring here in Michigan, at least according to the calendar, but the Winter persists. Spending this afternoon editing these few photos, and keeping warm indoors has cheered me up a bit. I have been driving myself nuts lately waiting for the weather to turn and new photo opportunities to arise her in Michigan.

Late Summer Sun

Late Summer Sun

I was looking around through an old memory card from a few years ago today and found this photo that I took in September of 2009. I took this photo while at my cousin’s wedding reception at Sinbad’s in Detroit, MI. A little tweaking in Photoshop with a filter, and voila, a hazy, grainy sort of silhouette. Perfectly Detroit.


In the coming year I have two more solo gallery exhibit in the works. One will be at the Upper Hall Gallery at Liberty Street Brewery in Plymouth in August and September of 2013. The other will be at the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak in February of 2014.

My previous show “Present Exposure” was a success and I received a lot of good feedback. So I will continue to exhibit this show around Michigan. However, I have also been contemplating a new gallery show theme.

The theme that I recently thought of is titled “Take Me With You.” It is a theme based on travel photography. Travel photography makes up a large portion of what I really enjoy shooting. I have many photos form trips over the past ten years or so, from Europe, the Southwest US, Southeast Us, and here in Michigan. So I was thinking about travel photography, and why we take photos on our travels. Me, I do so to remember. Photography is my way of journaling. Its probably why I gravitated towards photojournalism as well, I want to preserve the visual impact of a place, time, or event, as a key to trigger memories that tell stories. The title also comes from a sign you often see at nature preserves or parks, “Take only photos, leave only foot prints.” So, “Take me with you is a variation on that, how we take the experience of these places with us in our memories and our hearts, and also how when you see photos from travels you think “Take me next time!” I think this theme can be expanded past travel photos to life experiences, and that is something I plan on mediating on to deepen the though process behind this project idea. 

I love thinking of these themes just as much as being out and shooting. To me, this is what is so exciting about art, its so multi-faceted, there is the brainstorming, the physical creation of art, the gathering of ideas into a show, and the discussions between myself and the viewers, through the camera and after. 

Port Austin Summer

Port Austin Summer

iPhone photo from this past summer in Port Austin, Michigan. Port Austin is said to be the best place to view the sunset in Michigan.

ART Prize

Big Red