Big Red

This weekend I visited Holland, Michigan. I took some time out from their “Girlfriends weekend” activities to drive to Holland State park with intention to photograph “Big Red,” the red lighthouse on the canal near the beach.

It was FREEZING! (about 25-30 degrees with lots of wind off of the lake)I wasn’t prepared with my usual wool knit gloves that I wear when photographing outdoors in Fall and Winter, and my hands got pretty well windburned because of it. I was also at the beach a bit late, and the sun had all but set behind the clouds when I got there. Next time I will arrive at least an hour earlier, and better dressed so I can also photograph the ice-cold waves crashing on the shore.

Now, my access to camera equipment is quite limited right now since I no longer work full time as a staff photographer, so I have been using my simple 50mm lens lately. With the crop framed sensor that my digital camera has, that brings the view range in even smaller, so there isn’t much room for tricks of warping POV with wide or telephoto lens distortions. What you see with a 50mm lens is close to the natural way your eye see the world. All of these photos were taken with my 50mm lens.

This evening I also used my 35mm Pentax film camera with a 50mm lens.  I was experimenting using a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera, to essentially give the same perspective, but with a bit wider view.  I am using this as a way to compare what the difference between a full frame censor would give me as compared to my crop framed DSLR that I use now. I have yet to have the roll developed to see the difference. I am also curious to see how the film picked up the lighting vs the digital sensor. I shot with 40o ISO Fuji film, and with my digital I switched between 100-800 ISO and used a daylight white balance setting. Once I have those prints, I hope to post them here and compare the raw images.

So here a some of the best shots that I took at Holland State Park this past Saturday.

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  1. Great shots! Love Big Red and Holland State Park. Get there to capture the scene during different seasons as much as I can.

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