In the coming year I have two more solo gallery exhibit in the works. One will be at the Upper Hall Gallery at Liberty Street Brewery in Plymouth in August and September of 2013. The other will be at the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak in February of 2014.

My previous show “Present Exposure” was a success and I received a lot of good feedback. So I will continue to exhibit this show around Michigan. However, I have also been contemplating a new gallery show theme.

The theme that I recently thought of is titled “Take Me With You.” It is a theme based on travel photography. Travel photography makes up a large portion of what I really enjoy shooting. I have many photos form trips over the past ten years or so, from Europe, the Southwest US, Southeast Us, and here in Michigan. So I was thinking about travel photography, and why we take photos on our travels. Me, I do so to remember. Photography is my way of journaling. Its probably why I gravitated towards photojournalism as well, I want to preserve the visual impact of a place, time, or event, as a key to trigger memories that tell stories. The title also comes from a sign you often see at nature preserves or parks, “Take only photos, leave only foot prints.” So, “Take me with you is a variation on that, how we take the experience of these places with us in our memories and our hearts, and also how when you see photos from travels you think “Take me next time!” I think this theme can be expanded past travel photos to life experiences, and that is something I plan on mediating on to deepen the though process behind this project idea. 

I love thinking of these themes just as much as being out and shooting. To me, this is what is so exciting about art, its so multi-faceted, there is the brainstorming, the physical creation of art, the gathering of ideas into a show, and the discussions between myself and the viewers, through the camera and after. 

About amylockardphotos

Photojournalist, videographer, and fine art photographer.

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