On the Road Again

This week I am traveling around historical sites in the US on a photo workshop with Monte Nagler and six other photographers. Two years ago, I went on another photo workshop with Monte to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the photos that I took that trip (over 3,000) ended up being the basis of my solo gallery show “Present Exposure.”

This trip has us heading southeast with a stop in Gettysburg, PA, where we photographed the battlefields and monuments to the Civil War. the last time I was in Gettysburg, I was 17, and just beginning my journey as a photographer, having only taken Photo I and II at my high school. I took mostly black and white photos on that trip, but I remember how beautiful and poignant I thought Gettysburg was. Here I am again, and it is larger than I remember. And instead of rolls and rolls of black and white 35mm film, I have digital.

Back in 1998 we little clue that digital was on the horizon, nor that we would all have our own phones that could take high quality photos and send them out to everyone we knew in seconds. Nor, would I have guessed that I would have a ten year photojournalism career already under my belt, and an emerging fine art photography career as an exhibited artist. I am sure I would have been ecstatic to hear both, because they were sure in my hopes and dreams.

Technology, and my photography skills have improved over the years. I would like to know how many photos I have taken from then till now, but I am willing to bet its in the millions. No more negatives, and contact sheets, now lap tops, Photoshop, iPhones, and the cloud.

Before I got to bed to get some rest for a day of photographing the sites in Washington DC tomorrow, I had time to edit one photo from Gettysburg yesterday. Enjoy!

Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg, PA

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