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“Present Exposure” exhibited at The Upper Hall Gallery at Liberty Street Brewing Company

Upper Hall Gallery
At Liberty Street Brew Pub
149 W. Liberty St., Plymouth, MI
For Immediate Release:

Amy Lockard’s photojournalistic eye shall be on view at the Upper Hall Gallery at
Liberty Street Brew Pub starting 30 Sept. through 7 December 2013.
“This exhibit is of photos from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula,” Lockard explained. “Through my
photography I try to convey the importance of being present in the moment in order to fully
absorb the beauty and healing powers of nature. I believe that when you are present in the
moment you can let go of pain from the past, and fear of the future. It is my goal to share these
beautiful experiences through my camera to bring peace and healing through art. My
photography is primarily of landscapes in nature, with an emphasis on locations in Michigan.
Water and light are major themes in my images.”
Lockard added, “Photography as always been both a form or artistic expression and a personal
therapy for me, the photos in this exhibit exemplify my journey through the lens back to myself.”
She started studying photography in high school, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism
from Oakland University in 2003.
She began her photojournalism career as the staff photographer for the Spinal Column
Newsweekly in 2003 (the same year she graduated from OU). “I have spent the last decade
photographing local news events, and sports in west Oakland County,” she said.
Lockard also has served as staff photographer for The Paper in Birmingham and Bloomfield
and Lakefront Magazine.
“I began to focus more on my fine art photography after participating in a landscape
photography workshop to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula under the direction of photographer
Monte Nagler in fall 2011,” she added. “This workshop reawakened my passion for outdoor landscape photography and led to the creation of this show.” It also led her to be named “Artist of the Month” by the City of Sterling Heights Cultural Commission in June 2013, and her works have been featured in the Northville Art House “west of Center” exhibit, the Anton Art Center’s Michigan Annual XL exhibit, and the Livonia Fine Arts Commission’s annual exhibit. Amy says of her work, “I call my current collection of photographs “Present Exposure,”referring to the importance of being present in the moment, and the art of photography to share that moment.”

An artist reception shall be held Saturday 12 October 2013, 5­9pm. Refreshments
You can contact Amy at:
For further information on contact Liberty Street Brew Pub at 734.207.9600