Monthly Archives: September 2014

Art Prize Voting begins today


Voting starts today at noon for the 2014 Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please consider my entry into art prize # 56194. You can vote via your mobile device with the Art Prize App, via text, or online. you can seey photos at Zoup! in the Medical Mile Food Court. Art Prize runs through October 12 in downtown Grand Rapids, it is a must see for creative minded people and those with an adventurous, curious heart. All exhibits are free. There are over 1600 artists participating.
My entry is four photographs printed on canvas that are details of the striations in the colors of the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore. The close-up image and canvas medium create an abstract painting effect that has both texture and dimension in a 2D format. These are four pieces from my larger collection of photos from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula titled “Present Exposure.” Previously Present Exposure has been exhibited at the Huron Valley Council For the Arts, The Upper Hall Gallery at Liberty Street Brewing Company, and one photo from this collection was in the Northville Art House “West of Center” show in 2013.


Native American Cultural Day at the Market

On September 7, the Warren Farmers Market hosted a Native American Cultural Day with a Pow Wow at the City Civic Center Grounds.Being that I am always looking for something new and interesting to photograph, I had to stop by.

The Last Day of Summer

Today I completed a three day art road trip across Mid-Michigan. Yesterday I installed my Art Prize entry in Grand Rapids at Zoup! in the Medical Mile. Then I attended the Art Prize Artist’s Party for the opening of the show where I picked up my badge and credentials.
This morning I drove to Midland to pick up two of my photos that had been exhibited in the 53rd Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art.
Dow Gardens is right next to the Museum, so I walked over with my camera and spent the afternoon with the tress and the bees and the hummingbirds. The air was still sweet with the scent of the flowers, and it was cool and breezy. A perfect end of summer day. What a treasure the Dow Gardens are, and the admission fee is only $5.If you haven’t ever been, you must go.

Today I was exploring textures with my camera.The bright sunlight helped highlight the texture in the plants on the grounds, and in the green house. The birds were also loving the warm sun. I caught a few hummingbirds with my lens. I have photographed Dow Gardens about three times now in the last year or so, and it never gets old. I love how it changes with the seasons.