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SWMCCC Photography Weekend

In July, I attended the SWMCCC, or ​Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs Weekend of Photography hosted at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. This is a three day photography workshop and learning opportunity full of classes, lectures and opportunities to shoot. I enjoyed the weekend as the speakers were engaging and the weather in Holland was warm and sunny.  I learned  a great deal and got to practice some new techniques with instructors on hand to help. It is sometimes easy to forget just how much there is always to learn and practice in photography. I think that is one of the aspects of this hobby that I love so  much, you can always keep improving and trying new things. is the site for the camera club if you are interested in attending next year.

Here are some photos I took while on lunch break around Holland at the Farmers Market, on Hope College campus, and downtown.

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Here are some photos that I took in two separate macro photography classes. In once class we discussed light boxes and photographed jewelry, and in the other class we talked about photographing insects and photographed two mantises.

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Here are photos that I took on a guided night photography walk in Holland.

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Holland Fall Festival 2016


Welcome to my photos from the Farmer’s Market and Fall Festival in Holland, Michigan, October 2016. It was a windy, and busy afternoon in Holland and the downtown was buzzing with pumpkin carving activity. Enjoy!


St. Clair Shores Farmers Market

Native American Cultural Day at the Market

On September 7, the Warren Farmers Market hosted a Native American Cultural Day with a Pow Wow at the City Civic Center Grounds.Being that I am always looking for something new and interesting to photograph, I had to stop by.

Farmers Market Season

Last year, I began photographing farmers markets in Michigan, I am continuing this project into this year. My goal is to capture the people and produce and unique features of the different markets in Michigan. I wan to highlight this food culture, agriculture, and entrepreneurship in Michigan. Here are some photos from last weekend at the Farmers Market in Mt Clemens, Michigan, which is the market closest to my home. Right now spring is turning into summer and rhubarb, spinach, and salad greens are in season. Photographed with a canon 20D. 

Eastern Market Flower Day 2014

Oakland County Farmers Market

Milford Farmers Market