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The Village Theater at Cherry Hill To Exhibit ‘Healing Art’

Baraga, Michigan

Baraga, Michigan

Featuring Works By Artists Michelle Malloch, Amy Lockard, and Kelly Darke (Canton, MI – June 3, 2015) The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is pleased to present ‘Healing Art” a collaborative exhibit featuring works by artists Michelle Malloch, Amy Lockard, and Kelly Darke, now on display through July 30, 2015 in the gallery.Featured works include photographs as well as fiber works.

Photographer Michelle M. Malloch is currently an Interior Designer for Henry Ford Health System and coordinator of their Healing Arts Program. Malloch has always had a passion for the arts and a love of photography. In 2009 she took a life changing photography trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with Monte Nagler. In addition to traveling the state of Michigan extensively, Malloch has also photographed landscapes and nature throughout the United States and Europe. “I love being able to capture the beauty of nature and architecture with my camera, preserve it and share it with others,” said artist Michelle Malloch. “Taking the time to stop and look closely at a subject opens up a whole new world of composition possibilities.”

Photographer Amy Lockard tries to convey the importance of ‘being present in the moment’ in her photos in order to fully absorb the beauty and healing powers of nature. “I believe that when you are present in the moment you can let go of pain from the past, and fear of the future,” said Amy Lockard. “It is my goal to share these beautiful experiences through my camera to bring peace and healing through art. My photography is primarily of landscapes in nature, with an emphasis on locations in Michigan.”

Fiber Artist Kelly Darke has focused on fiber and textile techniques, along with painting, for over the past decade. Darke currently creates fiber art that incorporates painting, either on the original fabric or on the fiber piece when it’s complete. By combining sewing, embroidery, recycled fabrics and fibers, Darke creates an abstract piece with layers of texture. “I actively think of positive thoughts and peaceful, comforting ideas as I work in attempt to embed those thoughts into the work itself,” said Kelly Darke. “The process is meditative and relaxing for me and I am hoping for the viewer as well. Using fibers and textile techniques is very therapeutic and in addition to creating my own art I work as an art therapist and teach others the benefits and healing aspects of art.”

A special artists’ reception that is free and open to the public will be held on Wednesday June 17, 2015 from 7 – 9 p.m. at The Village Theater at Cherry Hill. The public is encouraged to come and meet the artists while experiencing this wonderful exhibit.

This multi-media art exhibit at the Gallery@VT is also free and open to the public: Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; one hour prior to and during public performances at the theater; as well as by appointment by calling 734/394-5300. The Gallery@VT is closed on holidays. The Village Theater at Cherry Hill, located at 50400 Cherry Hill Road in Canton, is a regional center for the arts that offers the magic of live theatre, soul-stirring music, the thrill of the dance, and the enjoyment of fine art exhibitions and events, in addition to providing a home for several cultural organizations and community groups. For more information about this latest exhibition, please call 734/394-5300 or visit


I recently made a trip to the Mackinaw area of Northern Michigan. Here are a few of my photos from that sunny day.

Art Prize Voting begins today


Voting starts today at noon for the 2014 Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please consider my entry into art prize # 56194. You can vote via your mobile device with the Art Prize App, via text, or online. you can seey photos at Zoup! in the Medical Mile Food Court. Art Prize runs through October 12 in downtown Grand Rapids, it is a must see for creative minded people and those with an adventurous, curious heart. All exhibits are free. There are over 1600 artists participating.
My entry is four photographs printed on canvas that are details of the striations in the colors of the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore. The close-up image and canvas medium create an abstract painting effect that has both texture and dimension in a 2D format. These are four pieces from my larger collection of photos from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula titled “Present Exposure.” Previously Present Exposure has been exhibited at the Huron Valley Council For the Arts, The Upper Hall Gallery at Liberty Street Brewing Company, and one photo from this collection was in the Northville Art House “West of Center” show in 2013.


New Gallery Show

I have a piece in the West of Center All Media exhibit at the Northville Art Center in Northville, Michigan. The photo I have in this group exhibition is a print on canvas. It is a detail of the color situations on the cliffs at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising, Michigan. When I dropped off the photo on Sunday night the curators were surprised it was actually a photo, because it very much looks like an abstract painting. This is what I hope to be part if a series on texture in photography. Check out the exhibit opening this Friday night from 6-9pm. I am very happy to be a part if this all media show!



A Little Press from the Free Press

My solo gallery show “Present Exposure” was featured as a “Best Bet” in the Play section of the Detroit Free Press on Thursday. I ran out just before the snow storm last night to pick up the last few copies at the grocery store. It’s an incredible feeling to see all the positive feedback on my work. All this time I’ve been photographing my travels and just filing the photos away in scrap books no one looked at but me. That all changed one day this past summer when I sat and mediated on what to do next in my career, and the answer appeared, it was time to get the fine art side of things going. I listened to my heart, started sending out entries for calls for art, and a couple off this later, everything changed. This is the result of following your heart.


A Preview of “Present Exposure”


Press Release on Present Exposure

This is the link to the HVCA press release for my art show that opens next Friday. I hope to see you there!

Video as Art

I am working on a submission for the Kresge Arts Fellowship based on my photography. You have to submit ten pieces of art work as a representation of your talent, vision, and style as an artist. While primarily my medium is photography, I have also ventured into video, primarily through my job as a photojournalist for the Spinal Column Newsweekly. While attending an informational meeting about the art fellowship application process at CCS in Detroit, I had an idea. The presenter was saying how you can include video as part of your application. That got me to think about adding video to my work examples. See, the intent of my photography is to allow you to be present in the moment that the photo was taken. I try to capture what it feels like to be in the place where I am when I take the photograph. This intent translates through all of my photography, including sports and portrait work. In my sports photography I try to capture the movement of the plays and of the human body. When I do portrait work, I focus on environmental portraits, making the surroundings say something about the subject.

So, it seems to me that video is a natural extension on this intent. By adding audio and movement I think I can enhance my message about being present in the moment and absorbing all of the factors in the environment fully as to allow them to affect your being.

While I have used video as a tool in photojournalism, and sports coverage for a few years now, this focus on “fine art” video is a newer idea for me. I am posting a few videos here for show you what I mean. They need some editing, and some audio work, but what I was trying to capture was the visual impact of the environment at a moment in time.

Aluminum Print

Aluminum Print

The past few months have been an experiment on how to put together a gallery show with basically no budget. I was struggling financially when I first got word of my show at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts, and now I am not working, so money is very tight. As a result, I have turned to the magic of the INTERNETS to help put together a quality show on the cheap. Thus, Groupon has been my best friend. I have made several high quality canvas prints from groupon specials where I only paid a fraction of the regular price. Now I have a groupon special for a print on aluminum.

This past summer I saw a booth at the Plymouth Art show where a photographer printed on large aluminum plates. The effect was fantastic. It enhanced the beauty and impact of the shots. I was struck by this cool new technique and wanted to try it on my own. While I am not yet set up with my own printing studio, I tried ordering a print on metal online. The results were not what I had expected. The photo that I sent was one of my favorites from the UP, a sunrise in Baraga, Michigan. I had expected the metal to show through the print, but when I got it, it appeared more like a laminate, or painting on metal, and the qualities of the metal did not show through. I was disappointed, but sometimes, you get what you pay for.

So, with a new service that I found on Groupon, I am trying a new print. This one will be larger, and from the descriptions on the web site, I assume it will be closer to what I imagine in my mind. I’m prepared for another disappointment, because I know what crap-shoot dealing with companies online an bee like. I generally refrain from doing business online when I can find local businesses to shop with. however, I am giving it one last try in the hopes of doing this within my budget.
So here is the image I am sending out. It is the sunset on the shores of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Michigan. What I did remember from the photo that I saw that inspired me to try a print on aluminum was that it was of a sun rise, and the rays of the sun were a prominent feature that was enhanced by the metallic medium. Wish me luck. I have just about five weeks to go to my show!

Pictured Rocks

This is a sampling of some of the photos that I took last October in Munising while on the Pictured Rocks Cruise. It was early in the morning when we went on the cruise, something that I do not recommend, as much of the trip the rock face was backlit and very hard to see and photograph. Hopefully I will one day return, and take an afternoon or sunset cruise. I did get a few good shots, some of which I have ordered as canvas prints. I think that the abstract quality of the close up images of the coloring on the rocks looks like paint, and I imagined that canvas would be the best medium to convey this. I was also struck by the fact that to me some of the markings looked like prehistoric cave paintings, while they were simply natural occurences. I think I can see the image of people in some of these markings, can you?

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